Hey, I'm Olivier.
Indie dev, startup founder, or remote worker? Live abroad for a month with us and become part of something special.

Applications are now open for the pilot Nov 2019 trip in Bangkok. Apply now.

How It Works

1. A city on the other side of the world

Moving somewhere new is always exciting but even more so when it's in a whole different country. I want to travel and live in many countries over the next few years but to start these trips off I'm going to take you all to a city I've come to love, Bangkok.

BKK is an amazing place to spend a few months while you're young. I feel lucky to have stumbled onto this place when I did. As great as cities like SF and NYC are, I would have regretted living out my entire 20s there. Out here, it's different. It's crazy. You'll make memories here that you can't have anywhere else in the world. It's cheap, living here is very affordable if you've been making American level wages. And it's a modern city. The same comforts you have back home are available here.

To see more, check out these YouTube videos that showcase the parts of Bangkok that most people aren't aware of:

2. You

Quarter Life Crisis Club is two things:

  1. A different way to travel
  2. A group of entrepreneurial people

Number one, these trips bring people of similar aspirations to travel together while keeping the focus on getting real work done. It allows you to travel without putting your life on pause. Maybe you just quit your job at Uber and have time to figure out what's next. Maybe you're an indie developer with some income and you're getting tired of living where you've always lived. Or maybe the idea of living on the other side of the world scares the shit of you and this is your chance to cross that item off your bucket list.

Number two is everything because people matter more than anything else. The base requirement is that you run an internet business or are working on starting one. After that, it's all about culture fit. Are you good at what you do, do you get shit done, are you a person with high integrity, are you fun to travel and live with.

If you think this is you, then welcome to the club.

3. Apply to join the house 🏠

An application process seems out of place and pretentious, I know, but hear me out. The people you spend time with matter. A goal of these trips is to create amazing memories and form the kinds of relationships that are rare, the kinds that last. So I hope you understand! Fill out a quick questionnaire and we’ll meet over video chat if everything looks good. Apply here.

4. Logistics: fees, flights and accomodations

Let’s talk money. It's pretty simple. I charge a fee of $100/month per person and you're responsible for the entire cost of your trip. You’ll book your own flights so you’ll pay that directly to the airline but I'll book the house and charge you your split of the rent.

So here’s what it looks like:

  • Round-trip flight from Los Angeles to Bangkok: $650
  • Rent: $700/month (varies on homes available that month)
  • Food: $15/day
  • Gym membership: $100/month
  • 4G SIM card: $10/month (5GB@100Mpbs)

5. Live the adventure

You have a whole month, a new city to explore, and 5 new friends. Once you're here, the hard part's already over. Getting a routine going is super easy. Need a gym? I'll recommend one. Want to cook your own meals? Go for it, but if you want to just get healthy meals delivered regularly, I'll set you up. You can work from wherever you want: your bedroom, the living room, Starbucks, a co-working space, it's up to you. If you live in this house, expect to do a lot of stuff together. Floating markets, night markets, pool parties, street food, rooftop bars. We're going to have a lot of fun!